Welcome! I’m John Soares, and I’ve been a freelance writer since the late 1980s, and a full-time freelance writer since I left college teaching in 1994. My two main niches are writing supplements and ancillaries for college textbooks, and writing guidebooks and articles about the outdoors, primarily hiking.

I teach freelance writing workshops in the United States that show you how to:

  • Set ambitious yet achievable goals for writing income
  • Increase your productivity and quality
  • Improve your marketing skills
  • Win more assignments
  • Think like an editor — and use that to get more work and more money
  • Manage your time and achieve peak efficiency
  • Make the most of the 80-20 rule: focus on the 20% of clients or activities that bring you 80% of your income
  • Take advantage of multiple assignments from the same editor
  • End writer’s block — and procrastination
  • Determine a good niche for specialization, one that will pay you well
  • Maximize your research and networking time on the internet
  • Know when you should coauthor — and when you shouldn’t
  • Develop habits that will keep your body and mind healthy

I also discuss all of these, and much more, in my book Intelligent Productivity For Freelance Writers: Manage Your Time, Make More Money, and Get More Enjoyment From Life. You can also click on the book cover in the right-hand column.

I share many tips for increasing your writing productivity at the Productive Writers blog. I’ll also announce all upcoming freelance writing workshops at ProductiveWriters.com, so please go there and subscribe through e-mail or with your RSS reader.

I live in northern California near the border with southern Oregon — near Mount Shasta. My main geographic region for teaching freelance workshops and seminars is the western United States: northern California, southern California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada.

You can contact me via e-mail: johnsoares99 -at- yahoo.com.

To your success in writing — and in life.

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